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Tammy Wolf, RMT

Hi, I'm Tammy. Thanks for visiting my page! Certified in a variety of massage techniques and a graduate from Trillium College in St. Catharines, I offer Registered Massage Therapy for injuries and pain, therapeutic massage techniques, including hot stone massage and acupressure, as well as Thai massage. My goal is to provide you with a professional, quality, personalized experience in a comfortable environment and I make it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques to best serve you.


Want to know more about my services? Read below for detailed information of each service and what you can expect during your first appointment.


I am currently accepting new clients! Contact us today!

Text direct: 289-213-2030

Clinic: 905-646-IBMT (4268)

Email the clinic:

I am available 6 days a week for your convenience:


* Please confirm appointment availability by checking online

Tammy Wolf, RMT

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage incorporates muscle manipulation techniques with assisted stretching and meditation (think of passive Hatha yoga like postures) in order to achieve a deep state of relaxation. The art of touch emphasizes that our physical bodies are all different and have different needs, meaning no two treatments are ever exactly the same.

What to expect during treatment

Treatments are done on the floor on a comfortable padded mat. Pillows, blankets and props are used for your comfort and support in different postures (no oil or lotion is used). You are fully clothed in comfortable loose clothing (I suggest active wear). Slow and rhythmic compression techniques are used by my palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to apply static pressure, all in order to decrease muscle tension and unblock your energy lines (zen lines) to allow proper energy flow through your body. Please note: My fee schedule is different than my co workers.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

• Relaxation

• Decrease stress

• Increase circulation

• Increase range of motion

• Meditation

• Overall well being

Thai Massage
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