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New Protocols since June 2020


Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are now providing massage therapy treatments. As someone who has accessed these treatments in the past and hopes to access them in the future, you may be wondering what you can expect from your treatment in the midst of a pandemic. We hope that this guideline will help you feel safer and more confident as you access massage therapy care during this unprecedented time.


Your Massage Therapy appointment experience will now feel and look different at In Balance Massage Therapy.


Going forward this will be our new standard procedure when coming in for treatments:


Before Your Appointment

There will be some changes to the way appointments are scheduled and some new procedures for arriving to your appointment to keep you safe.​​

  • When booking an appointment at our clinic we will perform a risk assessment by pre-screening you for Covid-19 symptoms via an email that will be sent to you to fill in, in advance of your appointment. At this time we will also assess your need for massage vs. the risk associated with Covid-19. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you will not be provided with massage therapy care, and will be directed to a local public health unit.

  • An time before your appointment if you are experiencing symptoms or have come in contact with someone you believe to be infected, please call your therapist directly to reschedule your appointment. Clients suspected of being infected will need to self-isolate for 5 or 10 days before being eligible to request another appointment. Please consult the self-assessment tool for a list of symptoms (

  • You will notice that there is more time between available appointments. We can no longer book back-to-back appointments. Added time between clients to clean, sanitize and disinfect treatment rooms and restroom means we will see less clients per day. Please bear with us when we offer you an appointment time, we can no longer be flexible with our start times as we have set start times to coordinate with our coworkers. It will be difficult to schedule appointments at the exact same time

  • Your RMT will tell you about all public health measures they have implemented if you ask.


When you arrive

  • When you arrive at our clinic, please text your RMT that you have arrived, or wait outside your car so we can see you. The clinic door will remain locked between appointments, please do not knock. These measures are in place to help to avoid clients from crossing paths, and ease the flow in the parking lot. Additional parking is available along the  left side of our building, angle park and pull up close to our building.

  • Upon arrival, we are asking that our clients use hand sanitizer immediately. Please try to use the restroom before you arrive. If you would prefer to wash your hands the washroom is available and while you are getting on the table your RMT will go back and clean the washroom immediately after use. In the wet weather we may also ask you to put on boot/shoe covers for your footwear before walking through the clinic into your treatment room

  • We ask that you arrive to your appointment alone. If you have a guardian or care giver with you, tell us in advance. We have a small waiting area. All visitors are required to wear a mask

  • All of our clients must wear a mask when they enter the clinic and for the duration of your treatment. We have a few masks on hand if you do not bring one with you. If you have any concerns about wearing a mask, contact your RMT in advance. If you cannot wear a mask due to a chronic, existing, non-infectious respiratory condition, together with your therapist a risk assessment will be done to determine next steps.

  • Upon arrival, you will then be screened again for Covid-19 symptoms to ensure your status has not changed and give verbal consent for treatment due to the risk of covid-19 and not being able to socially distance in the treatment room. At this time your therapist may take your temperature with a touchless thermometer.

  • Therapists will be wearing the required personal protective equipment at all times.

  • You will see informational posters and instructional sheets displayed in the clinic and in the restroom. Please notice. These include the signs and symptoms of Covid-19, what to do if one is at risk, and how to limit transmission, signage reiterating the requirement to wear a mask and how to wash or disinfect your hands before proceeding.

During your appointment

While the treatment will remain as normal as possible, there will be a couple of changes.

  • You will be asked to wear your mask during the entire treatment.

  • Your RMT will also be wearing a mask at all times.

Behind the scenes

  • Changing linens and blankets between clients 

  • Coverings on the tables over table warmers

  • Cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces is done throughout the day.

  • Disinfecting the treatment room and all of its equipment between every client. This includes but is not limited to the massage table, stool, covered pillows, oil bottle and face cradle. Any face cradle cover is changed after each patient. Please avoid touching random things (for example, the walls) in your RMTs room if possible.

After the appointment

  • If you have gotten paper receipts in the past, it is likely that your RMT will have gone paperless to discourage touching any shared surfaces. This would include digital options for all necessary paperwork and forms.

  • Payments for your treatments. We are asking everyone to please use e-transfer to send payment for your treatment directly to your therapist. We have a debit machine for contactless transactions, debit preferred before credit cards.

  • After the appointment your RMT will wash their hands (including forearms and elbows) with soap and water before and after disinfecting. They will then clean and disinfect anything used during the appointment.

  • While you are not receiving massage therapy treatment, you should maintain a 2 meter distance from your RMT.

Although the treatment environment and the procedures you are expected to follow might be a little different than before, what remains the same is our commitment to the health and safety of you, our clients.



If you have any questions regarding anything please don't hesitate to contact your therapist directly,

or call the clinic at 905 646 4268 (please leave a message, as we do not have a receptionist)

Our clinic would like to stress the importance

of everyone's health and safety

Local Public Health Niagara: 905-688-3762

Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000


Public Health Ontario

Ministry of Health Ontario COVID-19 page

Public Health Canada

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