** We are open LABOUR DAY! Mon, Sept 7th!! **

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We were given the green light by the Ministry of Health and our regulatory bodies to slowly and gradually resume Massage Therapy and Osteopathic Manual Therapy as of May and June 2020.


Our clinic officially opened on Thursday, July 2nd 2020. We are welcoming NEW CLIENTS!

We are working hard to make the clinic as safe for our clients as possible. Please read the *New Protocols* page on this website. There are changes to the look of our clinic, requirements from you before you arrive and when you arrive. Appointments are scheduled so that clients do not arrive at the same time, so make sure you arrive ON TIME, not early and if you are running late, your appointment will not be extended.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future!


Brad Hartwell, RMT has joined our team!!

If you are a NEW CLIENT, Brad has availability in the EVENINGS and SATURDAYS for you!!!

Email him for an appointment at pbhrmt@gmail.com, or text him direct at 289.242.8320.

You can also BOOK ONLINE with him.

   The clinic would like to stress the importance of

everyone's health and safety at this point in time.

Local Public Health Niagara: 905-688-3762

Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000


Public Health Ontario

Ministry of Health Ontario COVID-19 page

Public Health Canada


     Massage therapy consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically, the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints for the purpose of optimizing health.


     Massage therapy treatment has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be developed, maintained and improved; and physical dysfunction and pain and the effects of stress can be relieved or prevented through the use of Massage Therapy.




     “A natural medicine which aims to restore function in the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalance. To achieve this goal the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner relies on the quality and finesse of his/her palpation and works with the position, mobility and quality of the tissues.”






27 Secord Drive

St Catharines, ON

L2N 1K9

905 646 4268 (IBMT)

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9:15am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed

*Hours Vary*


This is a general contact form for the clinic. If you wish to contact a therapist or practitioner directly, please see their contact info on their associated pages. Thank you.

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